The Patented Wilfley Expeller is designed for pumping heavy slurries, acids and your toughest applications. This unique and patented design eliminates seal wear and eliminates seal flush and product dilution Liquiflo's H-Series high-pressure gear pumps are available in Sealed and Mag-Drive versions with flows up to approximately 30 GPM and differential pressures up to 225 PSI - 300 PSI possible for some models Ensival Moret Pumps - ISO SIngle stage Centrifugal Process Pumps complying with ISO 5199 and ISO 2858 standards - The most reliable standardized chemical pump combining both high energy efficiency and long MTBF Teikoku USA Inc. and the Chempump Division offer a wide variety of sealless, leakproof canned motor pumps for general transfer. Motor sizes range from fractional to 200 horsepower and pumping temperatures range from cryogenic to 1000 degrees F The MAXP Series of pumps has been designed to conform to ANSI B73.3 dimensional standards. The pumps are extremely rugged, which makes them ideal for rigorous duty in the chemical and petrochemical industries. Sanitary Centrifugal Pumps - The TOP-FLO TF C100 centrifugal pump is ideal for use in small and medium size process applications in the dairy, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other sanitary process industries. Self-Cleaning Strainers - Widely used in many industries, RP Adams patented Automatic Backwash Strainers are a rugged design that provides reliable, efficient, un-attended operation. Predictive Maintenance Service - Worldwide predictive maintenance (PdM) hardware, software and service provider recognized by many across all major industries as the leading authority on PdM SINGLE STATIONARY SEAL: ASI has engineered the Model 585 for superior seal performance and extended seal life. Only ASI offers three style options in our universal single seal, ensuring the highest quality at the lowest price today... and tomorrow.

Cayuga Industrial is dedicated to providing value added products and services designed to improve your process, reduce overall operating costs and improve your cost of equipment ownership.


Pumping and Process related Equipment
Proper system design

Cayuga Industrial's unique combination of skills allows us to partner with you to provide the best possible technical solution for your pumping and process needs.

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Cayuga Industrial Machines is the exclusive pump distributor in New York State for many of the leading pump lines in the world. We also offer a complete line of Pumps, Mechanical Seals, industrial valves, process equipment and reliability services.

At Cayuga Industrial Machines, we know pumps! Centrifugal pumps, chemical process pumps, vertical turbine pumps, canned motor pumps, submersible pumps, slurry pumps, metering pumps, mag drive pumps, gear pumps, peristaltic pumps, diaphragm pumps, we've got them all.

We enjoy exclusive representation in NY of Wilfley Pumps, Teikoku Chempump USA, Liquiflo Pumps, PumpWorks, ASI Mechanical Seals, Flowrox Pumps and Valves, just to name a few. Our team offers over 60 years of experience in the rotating equipment and industrial pump industry. With this level of experience and expertise, we can offer you the services and knowledge based solutions that you just can't find anywhere else in NY State. Cayuga Industrial Machines is also positioned to assist you no matter where you are in NY. Our sales and support staff can be anywhere in the state in just a few hours to offer their expertise and solutions to you. Whether it's a system review, pump seminar, or a new industrial pump, we can take care of your industrial rotating equipment needs from inception to completion. In Addition to the pumps, valves, and mechanical seals listed above, we are proud to offer the following equipment: G&L Pump, Vulcan Pump, MTH Pump, Madden Pump, Magnatex Pumps, Finish Thompson Pump, Top-Line Process Equipment, American Marsh Pump, Cornell Pump, Carver Pump, Grindex, Abel Pump.

We are also proud to represent industry leaders in the Reliability Services marketplace with our exclusive relationships representing SteamGard patented condensate removal systems, ITR vibration analysis for preventative maintenance, Volta Energy for predictive maintenance.

Our partnerships with Hydro and W2O repair allow us to assist you with any pump repair or motor repair without sending your equipment across the country adding costly shipping and down time. We are proud to work in New York State and have partnered with expert local companies to bring you world class products and services with the professionalism that you expect.